Thank you very much!

A year ago today, I launched this website on Mother’s Day. It began with some funny stories about being a Mom, making all of my friends laugh. When I joined Twitter, I began to reach a larger audience. With the story “Peanut Meets Ronald McDonald” in July 2014, my site became global when MacDonald’s tweeted the story as a most read. In the following month, I had another surge when “My Captain, My Captain” was published on the Tribute Wall for Robin Williams Through the laughter and the tears, this site has continued to grow to 5000 followers in 48 countries. I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for supporting Happy Anniversary to!

The Greatest Show on Earth

When I was a little girl, the greatest show on earth was the Barnum and Bailey Circus. I loved going to the circus with my family. But, today the show has shifted to the Web. Billions of people from all over the world converge on the Web to exchange information, ideas, beliefs, thoughts and opinions. My favorite show on the Web is Twitter. People from every walk of life gather in the ultimate melting pot. Sitting here with my cup of coffee, I am enjoying reading about my favorite stars, rockers, politicians, models, sports teams and world news. What is your favorite show on the Web?

It’s a Small World After all

Before I discovered Facebook and Twitter, this world seemed so vast. Fast forward to 9 months of posting to my blog, Twitter and Facebook. On a daily basis, I receive over 50,000 tweets and comments from 40 countries. Accessing most of the world right here from my laptop, I see beautiful sunrises and sunsets from many countries, as well as adorable children and their pets from North America, South America, Europe, South Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the Pac Rim. Another aspect of our culture that everyone enjoys sharing is their favorite foods. I don’t care how much you dress up the dish.  I can’t bring myself to eating my pet Guinea Pig. How are you connecting with the rest of the world?

The First Annual Twitter Awards

As we close 2014, it is essential that we pause to recognize the best of Twitter. Please congratulate the winners:


  1. Josh Stern: Most Likely to Make You Laugh
  2. Brian Rathbone: Best New Writer Mentor
  3. Margaret Cho: Best Tribute to Robin Williams #BeRobin
  4. Ashley Benton: Best Example of How to make a Difference
  5. Bruce Van Horn: Most Inspirational
  6. Kent Gustavson, PhD: Best Pictures
  7. Dana Carvey: Most Original Story
  8. Ed Coburn: Most Consistent Tweeter
  9. Howard Stern: Most Surprising Tweeter
  10. Michele McPhee: Best News Tweets
  11. RobinsAngelOfMemory: Best Memories

There were so many great tweets this year, but he had to select the best. Better luck next year. Happy New Year!