Sushi Man

My son came home last night from Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse with a new super hero, Sushi Man (Eric). His super powers include the ability to get little boys to eat all kinds of fish. I have tried for years to get him to eat fish with little success. After meeting Sushi Man, he now eats raw tuna, salmon, red snapper, scallop, white fish, as well as eel and crab. He is even eating seaweed, which he used to spit out. Sushi Man is amazing! As an art project, my son is creating a model of Sushi Man with magic chop sticks, Octopus arms and hat for fighting crime. But, I will always love Sushi Man for fighting junk food in my house. Who is your super hero?

You Did Make a Difference!

I want to thank the sponsors for the Kian Taekwondo Scholarship Fund: Balance Physical Therapy, American Well, We Fix Wireless, The Vitamin Shoppe, Kian Taekwondo, Wiresurfer, Cedardale Health and Fitness, Aesthetica, Tonic Hair Studio, Uno Chicago Pizzeria and Grill, Tuscan Kitchen, Red Robin,  AMC Theaters, Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse, Beyond Vanilla Ice Cream Parlor, Starbucks, Staples, The English Muffin, Cider Hill Farm, 99 Restaurants, Weathervane Seafood Restaurant, Sullivan Tire, Fuddruckers, Walgreens and Natural Market Place.  Because of your generosity, we raised two new Taekwondo Scholarships for children in need last weekend.  You did make a difference in their lives!  Thank you.

Local Businesses Support Martial Arts for Kids

Over 25 businesses in Salem, NH and surrounding towns have all donated goods and services to the Kian Taekwondo Scholarship Fund for a silent auction.  The event is being held on September 27th during an open house from 2-5pm at Kian Taekwondo at 6 S. Broadway, Salem, NH.  All of the funds raised at the event will be used to provide Taekwondo lessons to local children considered at risk and unable to afford it.


The Kian Taekwondo Scholarship Fund was founded in 2013 by Karen and Andy Piper.  The fund works with local schools in Salem and neighboring towns to identify children who are struggling with a variety of issues including bullying, single parent and low self-esteem.  The fund then offers these students a chance to try Taekwondo and provides a partial scholarship for up to a year of lessons.


“As parents, we were thrilled by the transformation of the children in the Taekwondo studio,” shares Karen Piper. “Master Seo has been able to make Taekwondo accessible for children with autism, learning disabilities and physical disabilities” she continues.


“These classes help fight childhood obesity and build self-confidence while teaching discipline, respect and self-defense.  And, Master Seo has created an environment where they can’t fail.  This allows children to feel safe and enjoy themselves while they learn new tools and a different way of life than their current circumstances provide,” Andy Piper adds.


Starbucks, Tuscan Kitchen and Market, Sullivan Tire, Uno Pizzeria and Grill, American Well, The Vitamin Shoppe, Staples, 99 Restaurants, Fuddruckers, Red Robin, Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse, Cider Hill Farms, Wiresurfer, Beyond Vanilla Ice Cream Parlor and Natural Market Place are just some of the companies that have donated gift cards or services to help the scholarship fund.  “We are very grateful for the support of the community for the kids, and we need everyone to join us for the silent auction. Purchasing these items provides us with enough funds for 2 more scholarships,” finishes Karen Piper.