Let’s Hear It for the Boy

Today my hero is my son’s friend Adam. When another boy on the playground tried to bully my son, Adam stood up and told him to stop. He has always been a lot of fun to have over and we have great memories of playing super heroes and Nerf Zombie Apocalypse. But, I am most grateful to him for the courage that he showed under peer pressure saying to the other boy “that’s not cool! Stop it!” And, I would be remiss, if I neglected to mention the parents that raised him. Because of the values that they taught him, he was able to see bullying as wrong and stop it. I want to thank them for how well they raised Adam. Let’s hear it for Adam and his parents!

He likes it!

As a Mom, I make sure to encourage my son every day. I have a family art gallery for his art work. And, I make sure to recognize when he does something well. Affirming him every day, I hoped to foster self-esteem. But, little did I realize that he would learn to encourage others too. Recently, he said, “Mom I want to read your blog.” I was so excited that I immediately opened up my blog before he changed his mind. Since he loves super heroes, I brought him to the “Cautionary Tale.” Wow! He liked it, and asked to read more. He has since enjoyed “Dinner and a Show” and “Sandler Syndrome.” Also, he has read the first chapter of my children’s book. Always his #1 fan, I am glad that he is my fan too.

So tonight I’m gonna party like it’s 1999!

I remember being at a great party New Year’s Eve 1999 and singing the lyrics to Prince’s 1999 at the top of my lungs with everyone else. I don’t like to admit it, but it has been a long time since I partied like 1999. Today my parties include juice boxes and bouncy houses. They are still crazy, but it is usually a sugar induced insanity. Lots of cake, candy, screaming, yelling and running in circles. Some of our themes have included Thomas the Train, Star Wars, Super Heroes, Taekwondo, Beyblade World Championship, Polar Express, Laser Tag and Sharks. What they all have in common is how happy we are to celebrate with our son and his friends. We love to bring joy to our son in whatever way makes him happy on a given year. How do you celebrate your children’s’ birthdays? Attach pictures, so that we can share your memories with you.