It Must Be Spring!

Before I had time to finish my coffee this morning, my thoughts were interrupted by the squeals of my son.  “Look at the squirrels!” he shouted.  “Hee, hee, they’re humping,” he shrieked with joy.  Everyone at the table turned to watch the Wild Kingdom show on our deck.  Hoping to avoid too many questions, I replied “Turn around and eat your breakfast. You need to get ready for school.”

After finishing his next bite of breakfast, my son blurted out “I hope they used a condom. I wouldn’t want the squirrel to get a STD.”  Stunned that my 11-year-old would talk about safe sex, I sat quietly for a moment like a deer in the headlights of a car.  “That’s my tax dollars at work in the school Health Class,” I thought to myself.  Then, to end this very uncomfortable conversation, I responded “That’s good thinking, but I think they are trying to make babies.  We will see baby squirrels in the yard soon.”  He was so excited and exclaimed “I want a baby squirrel.  They’re so cute!”  Now distracted by thoughts of cute baby squirrels in his yard, he happily finished his breakfast.  What are your signs of Spring?

It’s finally spring!

Pinch me to make sure that I’m not dreaming. It’s finally spring! When I went to the car this morning, I could hear the ducks gone wild spring fling in the wetlands next door, as well as their friends the peepers. They are all especially loud this year. I think they are as glad as we are that spring has finally come. You know the winter was bad, when you don’t care how badly your nose and eyes are running with your allergies. You’re just glad it finally stopped snowing. But, today we are dancing and celebrating spring. Are you happy to have spring?

Make way for the ducklings

Waking to one of my favorite sounds of the spring, I ran to the window to find the ducks are back. Living next to protected wetlands, I enjoy my annual visit from the mallard ducks. For almost 40 years, they have returned to the wetlands at the edge of my yard. My backyard becomes a Spring Break destination for ducks.

First, the males fight over which duck will be their mate. It’s kind of like watching Jersey Shore without the hair gel, heavy cologne, and gold jewelry. Next, it turns into duck porno with ducks screaming all night long. “What is that noise?” my son asked at breakfast last year. It kept me up all night. “The ducks are having a good time,” I responded. Maybe this year we’ll tell him what they are really doing. What is your favorite part of spring?

Is it spring?

Drifting off to sleep last night, I had visions of sunshine and daisies dancing in my head. When I woke, my dreams of spring today became a nightmare. MORE SNOW! COME ON! Does Mother Nature hate New Hampshire? After we broke the record for snow fall in a season, we deserve a break. Maybe when my lawyers serve Punxsutawney Phil with papers next week he will finally call off winter. If you still want to join our class action law suit, leave a comment on my blog.

Let’s Get Physical

After a long winter of blizzards and being trapped in our house, we are out of shape. So, as a family, we are working out together. When my husband and I exercise, we find that our son follows. The longer I am a mother the more I realized that he will do what I do and not what I say. To help myself and my son, I must get physical. And, with the right music and attitude, we can make it fun! How are you getting physical this spring?

I’m Melting!

It has been above freezing for the past couple of days and today it hit 50 degrees. Soon I’ll be able to see my deck and grill again. I can almost taste the steak fresh off of the grill. Since we haven’t seen the grill in months that steak will taste so good. But, I must not get ahead of myself. Winter often likes to dump on us again before retiring for the year. I hope you are enjoying the coming of spring as well. Are you melting too?

A Hint of Spring

The temperature rose above freezing this week just to tease us. Everything started to melt and crash to the ground around our house. For a moment, we thought that spring was on its way. All hope was dashed this morning, when it was 3 degrees again. I’m beginning to wonder if we are in another Ice Age. Maybe it’s time to get rid of my sandals and summer clothes. Or, perhaps, it’s time for a mass migration south. I call Manny’s back for the ride south. Just keep that crazy sloth Sid away from me. Have you seen any signs of spring yet?