It’s finally spring!

Pinch me to make sure that I’m not dreaming. It’s finally spring! When I went to the car this morning, I could hear the ducks gone wild spring fling in the wetlands next door, as well as their friends the peepers. They are all especially loud this year. I think they are as glad as we are that spring has finally come. You know the winter was bad, when you don’t care how badly your nose and eyes are running with your allergies. You’re just glad it finally stopped snowing. But, today we are dancing and celebrating spring. Are you happy to have spring?

Make way for the ducklings

Waking to one of my favorite sounds of the spring, I ran to the window to find the ducks are back. Living next to protected wetlands, I enjoy my annual visit from the mallard ducks. For almost 40 years, they have returned to the wetlands at the edge of my yard. My backyard becomes a Spring Break destination for ducks.

First, the males fight over which duck will be their mate. It’s kind of like watching Jersey Shore without the hair gel, heavy cologne, and gold jewelry. Next, it turns into duck porno with ducks screaming all night long. “What is that noise?” my son asked at breakfast last year. It kept me up all night. “The ducks are having a good time,” I responded. Maybe this year we’ll tell him what they are really doing. What is your favorite part of spring?