I Want To Be Like My Son When I Grow Up

My son came home upset the other day, because kids were making fun of him at school.  When I tried to counsel him and help him figure out how to deal with the other kids, he exclaimed “Mommy they are just going to have to accept me as I am!”  Then, he put his hands on his hips and stood proud and tall, declaring “They will just have to deal with it!”  In that moment, I was so proud of him.  It took me many years to learn to accept myself and stop listening to the bullies.  At almost 11 years old, he is way ahead of me.  What lessons did your children teach you this week?

He likes it!

As a Mom, I make sure to encourage my son every day. I have a family art gallery for his art work. And, I make sure to recognize when he does something well. Affirming him every day, I hoped to foster self-esteem. But, little did I realize that he would learn to encourage others too. Recently, he said, “Mom I want to read your blog.” I was so excited that I immediately opened up my blog before he changed his mind. Since he loves super heroes, I brought him to the “Cautionary Tale.” Wow! He liked it, and asked to read more. He has since enjoyed “Dinner and a Show” and “Sandler Syndrome.” Also, he has read the first chapter of my children’s book. Always his #1 fan, I am glad that he is my fan too.