He likes it!

As a Mom, I make sure to encourage my son every day. I have a family art gallery for his art work. And, I make sure to recognize when he does something well. Affirming him every day, I hoped to foster self-esteem. But, little did I realize that he would learn to encourage others too. Recently, he said, “Mom I want to read your blog.” I was so excited that I immediately opened up my blog before he changed his mind. Since he loves super heroes, I brought him to the “Cautionary Tale.” Wow! He liked it, and asked to read more. He has since enjoyed “Dinner and a Show” and “Sandler Syndrome.” Also, he has read the first chapter of my children’s book. Always his #1 fan, I am glad that he is my fan too.

Happy Catch Up Day!

Now that the week has ended at your job, it is time to catch up on your sleep, laundry, housework, grocery shopping and house projects. Make sure to enjoy your cup of coffee first. We have been finishing a project in our home office, getting laundry done and preparing for my son’s birthday party. When we finish, my son has requested to watch Grown Ups 2 again (damn you Sandler Syndrome). What are you catching up on today?

Top 10 Ways You Know You Have A Boy

  1. You are on your second frequent visitor card for the orthopedic doctor.
  2. You just tripped over his stash of weapons for Zombie hunting.
  3. You just caught him having a fart contest with his friend.
  4. He frequently tells you that girls have cooties.
  5. He seems to have a quota for bringing in dirt from the playground.
  6. He is always attempting stunts to impress his friends.
  7. He will play Minecraft until he goes blind.
  8. There are enough Nerf guns throughout the house for him to start his own war.
  9. He loves “Crash & Bernstein” on Disney XD.
  10. He loves Adam Sandler movies (Sandler Syndrome)!

Top Ten Ways You Know That You Are A Good Mother

  1. They won’t move out!
    (Maybe you’re too good of a mom!)
  2. They are excited to celebrate Mother’s Day!
  3. They still want to snuggle with mommy and watch a movie.
  4. Their friends want to visit your house, because you’re fun!
  5. You chase down their friends’ mothers, so that they can get together.
  6. They got their homework done!
    (Who’s the bitch now? <snap>)
  7. You’ve watched Grown Ups 2 for the twentieth time!
    (Applicable for Sandler Syndrome Children)
  8. No matter how much money you have; you make sure that they have something under the tree for Christmas.
  9. You have a special lie detector.
    (No, you are going to school!)
  10. They’re still alive aren’t they!