Mommy You Look Like a Chipmunk

Yesterday my cheek blew up from an infection in my root canal. After an emergency visit to the dentist for medication, I returned home to my son saying “Mommy you look like a chipmunk. Your cheek is huge!” Not only am I eating mush, but now I look like a chipmunk. I haven’t been called chipmunk since I had my wisdom teeth removed at 15. Does this mean I will be getting my teenage skin back too?

I’m Glad That Is Over

Yesterday I walked through my fear of dentists to have a root canal. Fortunately, the dentist was very good and made the procedure as painless as possible. Using this as a teaching moment, I told my son not to be afraid of dentists. And, I emphasized that if I hadn’t eaten candy as a kid, I wouldn’t have needed the root canal. So, far he is staying away from the candy. We’ll see how long that lasts. What fear have you walked through lately?

Show no Fear

As a Mom, I don’t want to scare my son with my fear. I must have a root canal today and I am afraid of the pain. We’ll let this be our secret. Pretending like going to the dentist is no big deal, will be difficult today. But, I don’t want him to be afraid of the dentist. Some days being a Mom is more challenging than others. How do you keep your fear from effecting your children?