Let’s Hear It for the Boy

Today my hero is my son’s friend Adam. When another boy on the playground tried to bully my son, Adam stood up and told him to stop. He has always been a lot of fun to have over and we have great memories of playing super heroes and Nerf Zombie Apocalypse. But, I am most grateful to him for the courage that he showed under peer pressure saying to the other boy “that’s not cool! Stop it!” And, I would be remiss, if I neglected to mention the parents that raised him. Because of the values that they taught him, he was able to see bullying as wrong and stop it. I want to thank them for how well they raised Adam. Let’s hear it for Adam and his parents!

He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Cousin

As an only child, my son can be lonely at times. But, this summer he was treated to a week with his cousin visiting from North Carolina. They played non-stop. At breakfast, the smack talk began with “Oh yay, I’m going to kill you today!” Because of their epic Nerf battles, my husband and I were wearing protective gear to walk through the house. And, we set up a bunker in our bedroom. When they were out of bullets and tired from Nerf, they killed aliens in Halo. The house was filled with screams and laughter. My son had the time of his life. To make sure that we get the “Best Uncle and Aunt” titles, we made sure to treat our nephew to his first Maine lobster. Do you have an only child? How do you entertain him/her?

Tax Time

It’s that special time of year when we are reminded as to how much it costs to raise a child, and how little we get in our tax credit. Let’s face it, none of us have children for the tax credit. And, whether the Federal Government acknowledges or not, we are still going to make sure that they get a good education, healthcare, home, all of the necessities and non-necessities (Xbox, toys and vacations). Being a parent will not give you any tax advantage. The advantages of being a parent are the joy during the holidays, the ability to go to kids movies and not look ridiculous, going to Disney World and acting like a big kid, crazy birthday parties, Nerf battles (boys), tea parties (girls) and opportunities to explore the world with your children and see it in a new way. What are your advantages of being a parent?

Top 10 Signs of Cabin Fever

  1. You’re bribing Punxsutawney Phil, so that he doesn’t see his shadow.
  2. You are surfing the web for deals to travel south.
  3. The walls seem to be getting closer.
  4. Every closet has been cleaned and organized.
  5. You don’t have any more layers to add. Burr!
  6. You have a fort under your dining room table.
  7. You are wearing protective gear for the Nerf battles.
  8. “Keep the snow outside!”
  9. You can’t sit by the fire and read any longer.
  10. You can’t watch another movie.