Where is Robin?

Throughout the Award Season, we have seen touching tributes to Robin Williams. But, now as the Award Ceremonies come to an end, where will we find Robin Williams? We will find him in the faces of the children that he helped at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital at http://www.stjude.org/. And, we will find him through the charity #BeRobin started by Margaret Cho to continue the work Robin started with the homeless. For more information about #BeRobin and how they are helping the homeless, go to http://margaretcho.com/2014/12/10/new-berobin-event-videos/. If you want to read about Robin Williams, you can find articles about him in sites such as http://www.robin-williams.net/. Most importantly you will find Robin Williams in our hearts.

The First Annual Twitter Awards

As we close 2014, it is essential that we pause to recognize the best of Twitter. Please congratulate the winners:


  1. Josh Stern: Most Likely to Make You Laugh
  2. Brian Rathbone: Best New Writer Mentor
  3. Margaret Cho: Best Tribute to Robin Williams #BeRobin
  4. Ashley Benton: Best Example of How to make a Difference
  5. Bruce Van Horn: Most Inspirational
  6. Kent Gustavson, PhD: Best Pictures
  7. Dana Carvey: Most Original Story
  8. Ed Coburn: Most Consistent Tweeter
  9. Howard Stern: Most Surprising Tweeter
  10. Michele McPhee: Best News Tweets
  11. RobinsAngelOfMemory: Best Memories

There were so many great tweets this year, but he had to select the best. Better luck next year. Happy New Year!