Happy Birthday!

At 8:50 PM on January 26, 2006 my son made his grand entrance, announcing his arrival with a loud scream and my life was forever changed.  We celebrate this momentous occasion every year.  While his 1st birthday was small because he was afraid of crowds, it was huge in my heart.  To my delight, he covered his face with his first piece of cake, adding pictures to the family album.  The next year he was in pre-school and we invited his friends to an activity center, so that they could fight over the toys and throw cake at each other.  Because I couldn’t wait any longer to go to Disney World, we took him for his 4th birthday.  Overwhelmed by thousands of people and the excitement, he had a melt down and yelled at me and my husband “You’re Fired!”  Shocked, I exclaimed “This is not how I envisioned this moment.”  Each year has been memorable and dear to me filled with joy and sometimes meltdowns.  But, I wouldn’t trade these moments for anything in the world.  So, today I say Happy Birthday again to my son and I am very grateful that you are here.

You are Nine Sweet Boy of Mine

At 8:50 PM January 26, 2006, my son announced his arrival with a loud scream, which was followed by me exclaiming “he looks like Mick Jagger!” My husband has it on tape for our family archives. In my defense, he scraped his lips on the way out and they blew up like Mike Jagger’s. As the smallest baby born that day, he was affectionately named Peanut by the nurses. Once he got over the labor and delivery, he became the sweetest baby in the hospital gurgling and laughing. When we left the hospital, we secured him in his infant carrier and drive slowly home. We were terrified. What did we get ourselves into? How are we going to keep this tiny baby alive? But, like many other new parents, we managed to find a way. And, today he turned 9 years old. Happy Birthday sweet boy of mine!

Everything Changes

On the first birthday that I celebrated with my husband, I dressed up like Marilyn Monroe and sang “Happy Birthday Mr. President” in my best Marilyn voice.  Needless to say it was a big hit!  I will leave what happened next to your imagination.

Fast forward 15 years, we started the day with a parent teacher conference.  And, then it was a hectic day of putting out fires at work for both of us.  Followed by loud little boys having belching and farting contests.  Finally, we gathered for supper and sang Happy Birthday to him with his favorite cake.  Yes, you guessed what happened next.  He fell asleep on the couch.  Everything Changes!