Social Media Friend or Foe?

Until yesterday, I would have said a resounding Friend.  However, yesterday someone inserted a porn site on my Facebook timeline, which sent it out to all of my friends.  Thankfully, one of my friends contacted me to let me know that my Facebook account had been hacked.  I immediately logged into Facebook and removed the site.  But, I am afraid that damage was done to my friends and family.

Despite this set back to my Facebook account, I still love the community that Facebook creates for all of us.  It allows me to keep in touch with family and friends spread throughout the US.  Also, it has allowed me to meet people all over the world, and find out how much we have in common.  I still consider Social Media a friend, but I am more cautious now.  What has been your experience with Social Media?

It’s a Small World After all

Before I discovered Facebook and Twitter, this world seemed so vast. Fast forward to 9 months of posting to my blog, Twitter and Facebook. On a daily basis, I receive over 50,000 tweets and comments from 40 countries. Accessing most of the world right here from my laptop, I see beautiful sunrises and sunsets from many countries, as well as adorable children and their pets from North America, South America, Europe, South Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the Pac Rim. Another aspect of our culture that everyone enjoys sharing is their favorite foods. I don’t care how much you dress up the dish.  I can’t bring myself to eating my pet Guinea Pig. How are you connecting with the rest of the world?

Raise a Glass to Yogi

There is a reason that they call dogs “man’s best friend.” They are such a gift and they add so much to our lives. My best friend growing up was a black cocker spaniel named Bianca. She has been gone for years, but I still miss her.

Sadly, last weekend my good friend’s dog Yogi died. As she stated on her Facebook page, “Yogi with his dreamy carmel eyes added so much to my life. He lived each day to the fullest. Spent his days chasing birds, butterflies and crickets. He sometimes just ran for the pure joy of it. He reminded me that life is good. I will hold him close to my heart and try to live every day to the fullest like he did. He must have played with a kissing bug……he will always be with me for I will never forget his kind gentle soul… a short life but one well lived.” So, I ask you to join me and raise a glass to Yogi. There was never a better best friend.