Top Ten Things I Love About Being a Mom

  1. When he looks up at me with his big blue eyes and says “I love you Mommy!”
  2. When he says, “You’re the best Mommy ever!”
  3. When he screams, “This is the best Christmas ever!”
  4. Going to Disney World
  5. When his friends call me the fun Mom
  6. Hosting awesome Birthday Parties
  7. Easter Egg Hunts
  8. Leaving jelly bean piles around the house for him to find, so that he thinks the Easter Bunny pooped in our house.
  9. Comforting him when he is hurt or sick
  10. Going to kids movies

Top 10 Things My Son Has Said

  1. His first words to me “Wuv you!”
  2. “Oh Mommy you don’t look older than 29!”
  3. “You’re the best Mommy ever!”
  4. “We must recycle, so that the planet doesn’t turn into a dumpling.”
  5. “Easter is the day that Jesus helps the Easter Bunny deliver baskets.”
  6. “I’m going to be Spiderman when I grow up!”
  7. When the Fire Chief asked his kindergarten class what a fireman says, my son said “To infinity and beyond!”
  8. His pickup line at 2 years old, “I just pooped in my pants.”
  9. At 4 years old, he touched my Dior boots and said, “It’s like butter Mommy.”
  10. “This is the best Christmas ever!”

The Easter Bunny Doesn’t Visit Anymore

Since my son was 1-year-old, I have loved setting up his surprises every Easter morning. The first year it was a dancing and singing bunny and 6 eggs with soft candies and cookies. His favorite part of the basket was the green plastic grass, which he spread all over the house. I still smile when I think of him screaming with delight and throwing the green grass in the air.

Fortunately, the next year he stopped throwing the grass and enjoyed the candy in the eggs. In addition to his singing bunny, he received Spiderman action figures. And, he danced around the room singing with Spiderman.

Our most fun year was when the movie Hop was in theaters. We built an E.B. at Build-A-Bear Workshop. I placed E.B. on the dining room table with piles of jelly beans around the house for his poop. My son squealed when he saw all of the piles of jelly jean poop. Thus, began a new tradition. Every year since, I have made piles of jelly bean poop around the house from the Easter Bunny.

So, when he told me this year that he knew that I have been leaving the jelly bean poop piles, I was crushed. I thought that I might have one more year of fun before he figured out what I was doing. But, he did thank me for all of the fun over the years and appreciated that we were trying to make Easter special for him. When did your children figure out about the Easter Bunny?