Happy Birthday!

At 8:50 PM on January 26, 2006 my son made his grand entrance, announcing his arrival with a loud scream and my life was forever changed.  We celebrate this momentous occasion every year.  While his 1st birthday was small because he was afraid of crowds, it was huge in my heart.  To my delight, he covered his face with his first piece of cake, adding pictures to the family album.  The next year he was in pre-school and we invited his friends to an activity center, so that they could fight over the toys and throw cake at each other.  Because I couldn’t wait any longer to go to Disney World, we took him for his 4th birthday.  Overwhelmed by thousands of people and the excitement, he had a melt down and yelled at me and my husband “You’re Fired!”  Shocked, I exclaimed “This is not how I envisioned this moment.”  Each year has been memorable and dear to me filled with joy and sometimes meltdowns.  But, I wouldn’t trade these moments for anything in the world.  So, today I say Happy Birthday again to my son and I am very grateful that you are here.

Top Ten Things I Love About Being a Mom

  1. When he looks up at me with his big blue eyes and says “I love you Mommy!”
  2. When he says, “You’re the best Mommy ever!”
  3. When he screams, “This is the best Christmas ever!”
  4. Going to Disney World
  5. When his friends call me the fun Mom
  6. Hosting awesome Birthday Parties
  7. Easter Egg Hunts
  8. Leaving jelly bean piles around the house for him to find, so that he thinks the Easter Bunny pooped in our house.
  9. Comforting him when he is hurt or sick
  10. Going to kids movies

Tax Time

It’s that special time of year when we are reminded as to how much it costs to raise a child, and how little we get in our tax credit. Let’s face it, none of us have children for the tax credit. And, whether the Federal Government acknowledges or not, we are still going to make sure that they get a good education, healthcare, home, all of the necessities and non-necessities (Xbox, toys and vacations). Being a parent will not give you any tax advantage. The advantages of being a parent are the joy during the holidays, the ability to go to kids movies and not look ridiculous, going to Disney World and acting like a big kid, crazy birthday parties, Nerf battles (boys), tea parties (girls) and opportunities to explore the world with your children and see it in a new way. What are your advantages of being a parent?