I’m so Proud!

Watching my son march behind the fire engine with his big sign that he made in art class, I could feel my heart swell with pride. I am so proud of the boy that he has become. With Mom and Dad waving at him in the parade, he puffed out his chest with confidence and raised up his banner. “Hampstead Rocks!” he shouted with his town spirit.

After watching the police cars, fire engines and school mascot followed by the class rooms of students with their banners, we squeezed into rows of excited parents getting up and down to take pictures. Singing our town song, the students all deserved a 10 for loudness and enthusiasm. What town spirit!  Then, a future American Idol contestant sang the National Anthem. I was amazed at the volume that came out of that tiny girl. We all cheered for her performance.

I don’t want to sound bias, but my son’s class had the best song and performance. They sang a version of “What the Fox Says,” changing the words to go with our town. They were so animated and soooooo cute!

I held my breath when it came time for him to dance with a girl. He had been complaining all week about having to dance with a girl. “Mom you won’t believe it! I have to dance with a girl. Yuk!” he cried all week.

I was pleasantly surprised, when he finished his dance without any incident. While he had a squeamish look on his face during the Virginia Reel dance, he managed to get through the whole dance with a girl – despite the cooties. I had to laugh when I caught a glimpse of one of his friends with the same look on his face. It’s okay. I’m not ready for him to like girls yet.

As a conquering hero, he strutted up to us proud of his accomplishments. He made sure to introduce us to his teachers and friends. Of course, we needed to look at all of his art work and writing assignments. When his teacher said “he is a very special boy” with a sincere smile, I smiled ear to ear with pride.