The Ghosts of Christmas Past

While I am grateful every year for my son and husband, this Christmas I feel a little sad.  My son will be 11 in January and does not have the same excitement for Christmas anymore.  Instead of all of the fun toys with the noise, he wants video games and electronics.  All of our old Christmas fun is now lame.  But, I still want the noise and excitement.  So, to get into my Christmas spirit this year, I have been going through my pictures from Christmas Past.  Every time I look at his 1st Christmas, I can’t help but smile.  He was a deer in the headlights staring at all of us trying to show him how to rip wrapping paper from his toys.  The next year his favorite present was watching me get hit in the face by his Thomas the Train tent when I tried to assemble it.  With Glee, he giggled and screamed, “Again, again!”  So many great memories fill my heart this Holiday Season!  What are your memories from Christmas Past?

My Priceless Treasures

My priceless treasures are not in a safe and are not insured.  And, can never be replaced.  They are wrapped and packed in boxes in the attic most of the year.  We take them down into the living room in the beginning of December to unwrap and hang them on our tree, bringing a flood memories.  Here’s the ornament from our first Christmas married, right next to my son’s first Christmas ornament.  Then, there’s the musical instrument ornaments that I got for my husband on our first Christmas.  They are his favorites and he begins to feel the Christmas spirit as he carefully places them on the tree.  Next, I find the bundle of Disney characters that made my son squeal when we bought them.  To my delight, he smiles with his memories as he places them on the tree.  Before long we are all filled with happy Christmas memories that we will always treasure.  What are your priceless treasures?

Somedays It’s Hard to Keep the Holiday Spirit

Filled with the Holiday Spirit this afternoon, we went on a quest for our Christmas tree.  At the first detour for a holiday parade, we renewed our Holiday Spirit with a Christmas carol.  When we reached the next detour for a holiday parade sending us even further from our destination, I began to think maybe today wasn’t a good day for our quest.  Mentioning, “Maybe we should get the tree another day,” to my husband received a growl in response.  He was now determined to complete the mission.  We thought for sure at the third detour he would turn back.  But, he only growled louder when we said, “Let’s go home.”  Failure was not an option for my husband this afternoon.  Finally reaching our destination, we were not feeling very jolly anymore.  How do you keep your Holiday Spirit with all of the holiday activities sending you on detours?

Best Christmas Ever!

Every year I run myself ragged looking for the perfect presents for my son.  And, I live for the screams as he tears into the wrapping paper to discover his new toys.  Then, I wait for it…”This is the best Christmas ever!” he exclaims.  Now, my Christmas is complete.

But, this year I received an additional present.  After I received my screams and “This is the best Christmas ever,” he handed me a package.  With a big smile, he said “open it mommy.”  So, I opened the package and found a framed certificate with “MOM OF THE YEAR!” across the top of page.  I was happy with my Mom of the Year award.  Then, my husband handed me my glasses and said, “read the fine print.”  In tiny print below the title, my son had listed everything that I do for him everyday and how much he appreciates me.  Filled with emotion, I declared “Best Christmas Ever!”

Top Ten Things I Love About Being a Mom

  1. When he looks up at me with his big blue eyes and says “I love you Mommy!”
  2. When he says, “You’re the best Mommy ever!”
  3. When he screams, “This is the best Christmas ever!”
  4. Going to Disney World
  5. When his friends call me the fun Mom
  6. Hosting awesome Birthday Parties
  7. Easter Egg Hunts
  8. Leaving jelly bean piles around the house for him to find, so that he thinks the Easter Bunny pooped in our house.
  9. Comforting him when he is hurt or sick
  10. Going to kids movies

Top 10 Things My Son Has Said

  1. His first words to me “Wuv you!”
  2. “Oh Mommy you don’t look older than 29!”
  3. “You’re the best Mommy ever!”
  4. “We must recycle, so that the planet doesn’t turn into a dumpling.”
  5. “Easter is the day that Jesus helps the Easter Bunny deliver baskets.”
  6. “I’m going to be Spiderman when I grow up!”
  7. When the Fire Chief asked his kindergarten class what a fireman says, my son said “To infinity and beyond!”
  8. His pickup line at 2 years old, “I just pooped in my pants.”
  9. At 4 years old, he touched my Dior boots and said, “It’s like butter Mommy.”
  10. “This is the best Christmas ever!”

Is it really a Junk Box?

Today I heard a wonderful story about Nicholas who lived in the spirit of St. Nicholas. His daughter Susan remembers his delightful Junk Boxes that he gave to everyone on Christmas. Spending weeks gathering boxes, cookies, candies, toys and all sorts of special surprises, he secretly assembled each Junk Box especially for his children, grandchildren, friends and family. In each box, he placed a little piece of his heart for them to take. And, though he is no longer with us, all of those little pieces of his heart are still carried by his children, grandchildren, friends and family. To honor the spirit of Nicholas, I am going to start making Junk Boxes for those I love. Will you join me?