Best Christmas Ever!

Every year I run myself ragged looking for the perfect presents for my son.  And, I live for the screams as he tears into the wrapping paper to discover his new toys.  Then, I wait for it…”This is the best Christmas ever!” he exclaims.  Now, my Christmas is complete.

But, this year I received an additional present.  After I received my screams and “This is the best Christmas ever,” he handed me a package.  With a big smile, he said “open it mommy.”  So, I opened the package and found a framed certificate with “MOM OF THE YEAR!” across the top of page.  I was happy with my Mom of the Year award.  Then, my husband handed me my glasses and said, “read the fine print.”  In tiny print below the title, my son had listed everything that I do for him everyday and how much he appreciates me.  Filled with emotion, I declared “Best Christmas Ever!”