Mommy and Me Sushi

Today I had the pleasure of a Mommy and Me lunch with my son. They were amazed to watch a 9 year old boy each raw salmon and enjoy it.   As someone who was raised eating fish sticks and hotdogs, I am astonished at how adventurous my son is with food. He enjoys Greek, Middle Eastern, Italian, French, German, Mexican, American, Chinese, Brazilian and most especially Japanese Food. I guess it is part of my American Dream to introduce him to foods that my parents couldn’t afford when I was growing up. What do you want to give your children that you couldn’t afford growing up?

The American Dream Is Not Dead!

From the beginning of America, parents have come here seeking a better life for their children. And, the parents already here have worked long hours to give their children a better life than they had. Personally, my husband and I have worked hard to provide a better life for our son. But, it seems to be getting harder and harder to give our son a better life. Despite the greater difficulty in providing for our son, we still believe in the American Dream and keep striving. It seems to be ingrained in us like the Stars and Stripes. How are you living the American Dream?