Top 10 Moments at the Oscars

1. Patricia Arquette’s demand for equal rights and pay for women.

2. John Legend’s and Lonnie Lynn’s performance of “Glory,” which brought tears to our eyes.

3. Graham Moore’s speech about teenage suicide, which has effected many of the viewers.

4. Lady Gaga’s inspiring tribute to “The Sound of Music”

5. Eddie Redmayne winning Best Actor in a Leading Role, and his moving speech about Stephen Hawking and his family.

6. Julianne Moore winning Best Actress in a Leading Role, and talking about Alzheimer’s Disease, which has effected many of the families watching (including mine).

7. Adam Levine’s moving performance of “Lost Stars”

8. J.K. Simmons winning Best Supporting Actor

9. Meryl Streep’s emotion as she spoke about the members of the Hollywood community that passed away as if she knew many of them personally.

10. When Neil Patrick Harris finally put his suit back on!