My Priceless Treasures

My priceless treasures are not in a safe and are not insured.  And, can never be replaced.  They are wrapped and packed in boxes in the attic most of the year.  We take them down into the living room in the beginning of December to unwrap and hang them on our tree, bringing a flood memories.  Here’s the ornament from our first Christmas married, right next to my son’s first Christmas ornament.  Then, there’s the musical instrument ornaments that I got for my husband on our first Christmas.  They are his favorites and he begins to feel the Christmas spirit as he carefully places them on the tree.  Next, I find the bundle of Disney characters that made my son squeal when we bought them.  To my delight, he smiles with his memories as he places them on the tree.  Before long we are all filled with happy Christmas memories that we will always treasure.  What are your priceless treasures?

Somedays It’s Hard to Keep the Holiday Spirit

Filled with the Holiday Spirit this afternoon, we went on a quest for our Christmas tree.  At the first detour for a holiday parade, we renewed our Holiday Spirit with a Christmas carol.  When we reached the next detour for a holiday parade sending us even further from our destination, I began to think maybe today wasn’t a good day for our quest.  Mentioning, “Maybe we should get the tree another day,” to my husband received a growl in response.  He was now determined to complete the mission.  We thought for sure at the third detour he would turn back.  But, he only growled louder when we said, “Let’s go home.”  Failure was not an option for my husband this afternoon.  Finally reaching our destination, we were not feeling very jolly anymore.  How do you keep your Holiday Spirit with all of the holiday activities sending you on detours?

Whatever happened to Saturday morning cartoons?

Growing up I looked forward to Saturday morning all week-long.  I couldn’t wait to pour a bowl of cereal and plant myself in front of the TV with my siblings for a morning of cartoons.  Flash forward to this morning: my son woke me up to get him a bowl of cereal in front of the Xbox.  He has several boys from school playing a rousing game of Ark Survival on a private server.  They are all sitting in their own living rooms playing a video game together and chatting about school, Christmas and YouTube.  Is this the end of Saturday morning cartoons?


Watching This is Us this week, I was intrigued by their family Thanksgiving traditions.  As they showed me the way in which the traditions were formed, I began to think of my family and our traditions.  Many of our traditions have changed over time as me and my siblings married into other families.  We assimilated our traditions with the traditions of our new families.  But, our most cherished tradition will always be our gratitude for our family.  What are your family Thanksgiving traditions?

How do I make my son feel safe?

Especially on the anniversary of September 11th, we are bombarded by images of terrorism on the news and on every web-browser.  In addition to the images of September 11th, they have articles about ISIS and what we need to do now to keep our families safe.  While I try to keep the images away from him, all of the browsers on his computer have images that pop up when he logs on to play video games.  Also, he and his friends are talking about the attacks at school and they are afraid.

Along with the images of terrorism that surround them, they have school shooting drills at school.  They barricade the classroom doors to keep a shooter out and huddle in the corner behind desks.  While I’m grateful that his school is trying to prepare kids in the event of a school shooting to keep them safe, it makes me sad for kids today.  How can they possibly feel safe with the images of terrorism and school shootings surrounding them everyday?

Which Teacher Will You Always Remember?

For many years I have thought of Miss Bagley, my third grade teacher, who made me love learning.  I had struggled with learning disabilities early in my education.  In fact, I flunked out of First Grade.  But, through her support and encouragement, I became an honor student.  Eventually graduating with honors from High School and then attending college.

Recently, my son was blessed with Mrs. Boucher, who has been helping turn around his learning disabilities.  At the beginning of this school year, he hated school and didn’t want to go.  With the support of Mrs. Boucher, he is back on track and looking forward to Middle School next year.  I wanted to take this opportunity to recognize Mrs. Boucher and thank her for all that she has done.  Kevin and our family will forever by grateful that she was his teacher.

Let’s Here It for the Moms!

Today we are celebrating the 3rd anniversary of this site that started on Mother’s Day for Mothers.  I’m grateful for our community and look forward to your input everyday.  While we celebrate mothers everyday, we most especially celebrate all you hard-working Moms today.  Here’s to you for all of the late nights, cooking, cleaning, costumes, rides, listening, hugs, kisses on boo boos, help with homework, kicks in the butt (when needed) and always loving us no matter what.  Happy Mother’s Day!