How Can I Make a Difference?

My Pay it Forward Story

By Ashley Benton

Hi my name is Ashley Benton, I created The Green Team. The Green Team feeds the homeless. This homeless problem is real and getting worse! Without organizations like mine, these people would starve. So many places are closing their doors for the homeless. They have no where to go! They sleep in tents, under overpasses, and many die in the woods like animals!
My father passed away, May of 2011 of a massive heart attack. Fifteen months prior he received a liver transplant from the NFL player Chris Henry. (This story was nationally televised and can be found on YouTube under The Legacy of Chris Henry). He’d been through so many health issues. I knew the day he died my life would change dramatically! My dad lived thru me, he was proud and thrilled with my goals. My dad knew I had a gift to care and love unconditionally. I take my gift and commitments seriously. To further my involvement and ability to assist the homeless I study Social Work at Forsyth Tech. My children are proud and supportive of my education.
I’m grateful my children understand the true gift of giving when they accompany me and the Green Team.
I have a busy life that inspires me and my family. The homeless depend on our consistent arrival at Center City Park in Greensboro, NC on Sundays & one Friday a month. We are fortunate to have food three Sunday’s a month & one on a Friday. I’m hoping with the help of others we can feed more people more often. An assumption: My ultimate dream is to have a housing program for these overlooked people. I have researched one building that would be awesome for our Ministry.
I’ve posted many videos and hundreds of photos on social media. To view search under The Green Team Ministry on YouTube, Danielle Benton on Facebook, and @AshBenton on Twitter.
My team is so loyal. We are there for our homeless community as much as possible. In the winter we provide warm clothing, blankets, hats, gloves, sleeping bags and more. We collect all these things from friends and people like yourselves who have golden hearts and want to give back. In the summer we give cold bottled water, Care packages known as “Blessing Bags,” cooler clothing and we make sure that the women have all of the essential needs that all women have to have. We also pass out toiletries and just lend an ear and a shoulder. I love helping people, it comes from my heart. If you find it in your heart after researching my ministry to donate please do. Thank you for reading my story and I hope it touches you to help others in your own community. Here is the link if you want to help The Green Team. We would be so grateful if you chose us to help! 👍💚💚💚

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