When I Became a Mom

From the moment that I heard his first cry, my main focus in life has been my son’s welfare and happiness.  For the first year of his life, I listened all night to make sure that he was breathing, barely sleeping.  Once we made it past the SIDS scare in the first year of life, I sat up with him at night because of asthma attacks.  To help him breathe better, we equipped our house with a special filtration system, so that we could clean the air of his allergens.  Then, when he started pre-school, I volunteered for all of the parties, bringing special foods that he could eat with his allergies.  I made gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free food fun for him and his friends.  I thought the food was difficult until he began to have difficulty in school and my husband and I spent a large chunk of our savings getting testing for him to force the school to address his learning disabilities.  And, every year we continue to fight to make sure that he has what he needs to learn at school.

I know that I am not alone.  There are many Moms working hard everyday to raise their children.  This weekend and everyday I celebrate us hardworking Moms.  Here’s to us!  Happy Mother’s Day!

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