How do I make my son feel safe?

Especially on the anniversary of September 11th, we are bombarded by images of terrorism on the news and on every web-browser.  In addition to the images of September 11th, they have articles about ISIS and what we need to do now to keep our families safe.  While I try to keep the images away from him, all of the browsers on his computer have images that pop up when he logs on to play video games.  Also, he and his friends are talking about the attacks at school and they are afraid.

Along with the images of terrorism that surround them, they have school shooting drills at school.  They barricade the classroom doors to keep a shooter out and huddle in the corner behind desks.  While I’m grateful that his school is trying to prepare kids in the event of a school shooting to keep them safe, it makes me sad for kids today.  How can they possibly feel safe with the images of terrorism and school shootings surrounding them everyday?