The Flu that Stole Halloween

Up until Friday, we were having a great Halloween season.  My son invited friends over last weekend for Halloween fun and games.  And, he spent all week practicing his dance moves for The Thriller dance in school on Friday.  He was suited up as Master Chief from Halo and ready to dance…when the stomach bug struck.  Running for the bathroom, he ripped his Master Chief costume trying to get it off.

As I entered the school to pick him up, all of the teachers were wishing him well and sorry that he wasn’t feeling better.  I got him home and to bed.  He has been crying this afternoon, because he is too sick to go trick or treating.  Instead of out with his friends, he is lying on the couch in his Master Chief costume watching Halo cartoons.  I have to admit I feel a little sad too.  I love going out in the neighborhood with him and seeing the excitement of all of the children–pure childhood joy!  But, tonight we are giving candy to the other children and wishing them a Happy Halloween!  I hope that you and your children are having a very Happy Halloween!

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