Hip Hip Hurray

My son ran a mile last week within the time that is required in his gym class.  To understand the significance of this accomplishment, you would need to know his struggles in the last couple of years.  He has been struggling with severe asthma for years.  Despite his breathing difficulty, he has gone to gym and run until he couldn’t breath anymore.  Usually finishing the mile in 21 minutes, because he had to walk most of the way.  Even though it is very hard for him, he has been practicing running after school and on weekends.

So, last week when he had a cold, causing severe asthma, he was excused from running in gym.  Disappointed at missing the mile run test, he requested an opportunity to take the test at the end of the week when he was starting to feel better.  With labored breathing (which he later told me burned in his lungs), he ran an 11 minute 54 second mile, beating his best time by 9 minutes.  For never giving up and always giving his best, I yell “Hip Hip Hurray!” for my son.

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