Happy Anniversary Honey!

Today is my 15th wedding anniversary.  It seems like yesterday that we were dancing at our wedding and laughing with our guests.  In the beginning, we were like most newly weds carefree and having fun.  We traveled and enjoyed our freedom.  But, there came a day when we began to feel that our house was too quiet.  So, we decided it was time to start our family.

Two years later…enter our son Kevin.  We were walking in our sleep feeding, changing and rocking Kevin.  And, somehow we survived his first year.  Just when we started sleeping again, he found out how to escape his crib.  I jumped 2 feet in the air the first time he jumped on me at 2:00 AM screaming “SURPRISE!”  Thankfully, this phase passed and I began to sleep again.

Next, we conquered the family trip of a life time.  Saving our money, we brought Kevin to Disney World for his 4th birthday.  We couldn’t wait to go on all of the rides with him.  He loved hugging all of his favorite characters and was pretty well-behaved for the first couple of days.  Then, he hit his wall.  In order to defuse his melt down, we tried to get him to take a nap.  “NO, NO, NO,” he screamed stamping his feet.  And, then he yelled “You’re Fired!  You’re Fired.”  This was not the response we had expected in the happiest place on earth.

There have been ups and downs, laughter and tears.  Through it all we have continued to love each other for 15 years.  Happy Anniversary Honey!  Here’s to many more anniversaries. I love you!

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