Brown Bag Is The New Black

During the month of November, I will be brown bagging my lunch 5 times at a savings of $50 to my budget.  I am going to give that money to No Kid Hungry to feed the hungry kids in our country.  I am grateful for the food on my table and I want to make sure that children have food for the holidays.  Please join my campaign “Brown Bag Is The New Black” for the month of November as part of your Thanksgiving.  Our $50 donations could make all the difference for these kids.  Thank you for supporting the hungry kids.

The Flu that Stole Halloween

Up until Friday, we were having a great Halloween season.  My son invited friends over last weekend for Halloween fun and games.  And, he spent all week practicing his dance moves for The Thriller dance in school on Friday.  He was suited up as Master Chief from Halo and ready to dance…when the stomach bug struck.  Running for the bathroom, he ripped his Master Chief costume trying to get it off.

As I entered the school to pick him up, all of the teachers were wishing him well and sorry that he wasn’t feeling better.  I got him home and to bed.  He has been crying this afternoon, because he is too sick to go trick or treating.  Instead of out with his friends, he is lying on the couch in his Master Chief costume watching Halo cartoons.  I have to admit I feel a little sad too.  I love going out in the neighborhood with him and seeing the excitement of all of the children–pure childhood joy!  But, tonight we are giving candy to the other children and wishing them a Happy Halloween!  I hope that you and your children are having a very Happy Halloween!

No Kid Hungry

As mothers, it breaks our hearts to think of hungry children.  The good news is that we can do something about it.  Through an organization focused on feeding children, No Kid Hungry, we can end childhood hunger.  We can donate directly through  Also, we can have bake sales in our schools.  With our combined efforts, we can end childhood hunger for the next generation.  Please join me today in supporting No Kid Hungry.

Hip Hip Hurray

My son ran a mile last week within the time that is required in his gym class.  To understand the significance of this accomplishment, you would need to know his struggles in the last couple of years.  He has been struggling with severe asthma for years.  Despite his breathing difficulty, he has gone to gym and run until he couldn’t breath anymore.  Usually finishing the mile in 21 minutes, because he had to walk most of the way.  Even though it is very hard for him, he has been practicing running after school and on weekends.

So, last week when he had a cold, causing severe asthma, he was excused from running in gym.  Disappointed at missing the mile run test, he requested an opportunity to take the test at the end of the week when he was starting to feel better.  With labored breathing (which he later told me burned in his lungs), he ran an 11 minute 54 second mile, beating his best time by 9 minutes.  For never giving up and always giving his best, I yell “Hip Hip Hurray!” for my son.

Thank you very much!

What a wonderful day! Starting with Happy Birthday wishes from my husband and son, followed by a call from my dearest friend Kathy.  And, throughout the day, birthday wishes on Facebook and Twitter, as well as a delightful call from my mother-in-law.

Our perfect ending to a day filled with love and affection is my annual clam bake on my birthday.  We are driving an hour to Maine to my favorite restaurant for clam bakes  They load a giant pot with clams, mussels, lobsters, corn and sausage with seaweed between the layers.  As they open the pot in front of me, I am transported back to my youth, when my family would dig a pit on the beach and fill it with coals, seaweed and seafood.  It always conjures happy memories for me.  So, before I go for my seafood walk down memory lane, I want to take a moment to thank you all for making this a wonderful day.  Love you all.

Happy Anniversary Honey!

Today is my 15th wedding anniversary.  It seems like yesterday that we were dancing at our wedding and laughing with our guests.  In the beginning, we were like most newly weds carefree and having fun.  We traveled and enjoyed our freedom.  But, there came a day when we began to feel that our house was too quiet.  So, we decided it was time to start our family.

Two years later…enter our son Kevin.  We were walking in our sleep feeding, changing and rocking Kevin.  And, somehow we survived his first year.  Just when we started sleeping again, he found out how to escape his crib.  I jumped 2 feet in the air the first time he jumped on me at 2:00 AM screaming “SURPRISE!”  Thankfully, this phase passed and I began to sleep again.

Next, we conquered the family trip of a life time.  Saving our money, we brought Kevin to Disney World for his 4th birthday.  We couldn’t wait to go on all of the rides with him.  He loved hugging all of his favorite characters and was pretty well-behaved for the first couple of days.  Then, he hit his wall.  In order to defuse his melt down, we tried to get him to take a nap.  “NO, NO, NO,” he screamed stamping his feet.  And, then he yelled “You’re Fired!  You’re Fired.”  This was not the response we had expected in the happiest place on earth.

There have been ups and downs, laughter and tears.  Through it all we have continued to love each other for 15 years.  Happy Anniversary Honey!  Here’s to many more anniversaries. I love you!

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Ever since I was a child, I have waited with anticipation for Halloween.  I would spend months designing and creating my costumes.  And, my brothers and I would spend all evening trick or treating–only to catch our father sneaking candy out of our bags.  Another tradition continued in my house by my husband (one of the perks of being the parent).

Last night when I met a new Mom excited for her first Halloween, I knew I had met a kindred spirit.  Before going to the hospital to deliver her baby, she made sure to buy a pumpkin costume for baby’s first Halloween.  She has been waiting months to see her daughter in the costume, and her excitement was barely contained.  Listening to her, I enjoyed a flash back to my son’s first Halloween.  He was the most adorable Pooh Bear stuck in a honey pot.

Flash forward to today, my son is no longer a cuddly Pooh Bear.  This year he will be Master Chief from Halo.  Instead of bobby for apples at our party, we are fighting a Zombie Apocalypse in my yard.  Our Halloween party this year will be shooting at the Zombies that I have planted in my yard. Hoo-rah!  What are you doing for fun this Halloween?