Let’s Hear It For His Mom!

I had the pleasure this weekend of celebrating the 13th birthday of my friend’s son.  When I close my eyes, I can picture the 1 year old toddler running around the house screaming, just as it was yesterday.  In the midst of the revelry and laughter, I was reminded of many happy times we have shared with his family.  Our trip to North Conway, NH for the Polar Express and the Christmas lights and party at Edaville Railroad were great celebrations of the joy of being children at Christmas.

Throughout the past 13 years, his mother has spent everyday making sure that he was happy and healthy.  As he leaves behind his childhood, his mother is transitioning to a new role that requires giving him more space, but never too far away.  She will always be his North Star to guide him into manhood and help him find his way home.  Now that the guests are gone and the house is quiet, I want to take a moment to celebrate the love and support from his mother for the past 13 years.  Let’s hear it for his Mom!

You Will Be Missed

This morning my aunt, Linda Piper, lost her battle with cancer.  She lived for her children and grandchildren, and the love of her life my Uncle Bill.  They were an example to all of us on how great a marriage could be.  My most cherished memory of her was the time that she met my son for the first time.  He was 1-year-old and toddling around her house.  When he saw her meditation corner in the family room with a little Buddha statue, he walked over to her smiled and said “You Buddha.”  Then, he snuggled in her lap.  Out of the mouth of babes often comes great truths.  Her gentle soul was a gift to everyone who knew her.  Aunt Linda, you will be greatly missed.


Let’s Hear It for the Boy

Today my hero is my son’s friend Adam. When another boy on the playground tried to bully my son, Adam stood up and told him to stop. He has always been a lot of fun to have over and we have great memories of playing super heroes and Nerf Zombie Apocalypse. But, I am most grateful to him for the courage that he showed under peer pressure saying to the other boy “that’s not cool! Stop it!” And, I would be remiss, if I neglected to mention the parents that raised him. Because of the values that they taught him, he was able to see bullying as wrong and stop it. I want to thank them for how well they raised Adam. Let’s hear it for Adam and his parents!

I Didn’t See It Coming

My obsession with safety began with the crash tested infant carrier that I brought to the hospital for the ride home. Driving 20 mph home, I was so careful with my precious cargo. As a mother I have spent my days protecting my son from harm. And, in time I developed a safety radar and I could prevent most of the accidents. But, what I can’t see are the accidents that come from behind.

Sitting at a red light last night with my son in the car, I was struck from behind by another car that didn’t stop. Because I was focused on the car in front of me, I didn’t see him coming. I guess it’s time to admit I don’t have eyes in the back of my head. As much as I would like to control my son’s whole world, sometimes I just get hit from behind.