Sticky Little Hands

My son asked me this morning, “What was the most expensive lollipop that you ever purchased?”  Thinking back to all of the amusement parks that we have visited, I can remember purchasing many over priced lollipops over the years.  However, the most expensive treat he ever had was at Edaville Railroad when he was 3 years old.  I purchased a giant lollipop that he wanted for $10, and he licked it for 15 minutes and then stuck it to my pants.  Then, he tried to clean his hands by rubbing them on my shirt, finishing his clean up by rubbing his mouth on my shirt.  When you add the $10 to the cost of my clothes, it makes that lollipop the most expensive that I ever purchased. While at times I miss that cute little boy, I do not miss the sticky little hand prints all over my clothes.

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