Top 10 Things My Son Has Said

  1. His first words to me “Wuv you!”
  2. “Oh Mommy you don’t look older than 29!”
  3. “You’re the best Mommy ever!”
  4. “We must recycle, so that the planet doesn’t turn into a dumpling.”
  5. “Easter is the day that Jesus helps the Easter Bunny deliver baskets.”
  6. “I’m going to be Spiderman when I grow up!”
  7. When the Fire Chief asked his kindergarten class what a fireman says, my son said “To infinity and beyond!”
  8. His pickup line at 2 years old, “I just pooped in my pants.”
  9. At 4 years old, he touched my Dior boots and said, “It’s like butter Mommy.”
  10. “This is the best Christmas ever!”

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