The Royals

Obsessed with royals, I have watched The Tudors, The White Queen, Elizabeth and The Royals. In The Tudors, it was great to be the King, but not his wife. King Henry VIII either divorced, or beheaded his wives. Being the queen in The White Queen was great when her husband was King. However, they spent much of their lives fighting their enemies and family to keep the throne. As shown in Elizabeth, Elizabeth I spent her early years avoiding assassination from her family. When she reached power, she had to fight Phillip II of Spain and the Catholics to keep her throne.

Now on my latest obsession, The Royals, they show how each generation moves farther away from tradition. The children of the king spend most of their time drinking and doing drugs. The new twist is that the king has realized how problematic his family is, and is considering abolishing the monarchy. After watching the royals destroy each other over the centuries, I was glad when I heard “And we’ll never be royal.”  Are you obsessed with royals?

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