Happy April Fools!

My brothers and I have been pranking each other since we were little on April 1. So, when my son started pranking me on April Fools, it should not have been a surprise since it’s in his DNA. What took us all by surprise was how young he started. His first prank was at 2 years old. I was driving down the street, when he started making choking sounds in his child seat behind me. Swerving off the road almost causing an accident, I jumped out of my seat racing to his door and flinging it open to save him. Greeted with a big smile and laugh, he said “Fools Mommy!”

The next year driving down the same road he yelled “Spider Mommy! It’s on your head!” Trying to get the spider off of my head, I veered off of the road. Jumping out of the car, I started shaking my hair to get rid of the spider. Suddenly, I heard an outburst of laughter from the car. “April Fools Mommy,” he yelled in between his laughter.

In the past few years, he has enjoyed hiding and jumping out to scare us. At times he lands on us like Cato Fong in “The Pink Panther.” We have learned to have fast reflexes like Inspector Clouseau, bobbing and weaving.  I am anxious to find out what he will do this year. What do your children do for April Fools?

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