Tea for Two

Today I am sad that I won’t be celebrating my sister’s birthday with her. She would have been 80 years old today. While we didn’t have celebrations growing up, we started our own tradition of going to tea on her birthday as adults. One of our favorite teas that we helped plan was the “Children’s Teddy Bear Tea Party” for the Historical Society in Ohio. What fun! After our children were all grown up, we moved in together. Thus, began the neighborhood tea parties—where we tasted exotic teas with our friends and talked about “Downton Abbey.” We became the toast of the neighborhood, when we received postcards from Hugh Bonneville, a gift from her son Ken. Ever thoughtful, Ken used his contacts to make sure we received our coveted prize. Our last tea and most lavish was at the Ritz Carlton—a place that we had dreamed about for years. I wish I could share my Mrs. Patmore Pudding Tea with her today. Raise your cup with me to celebrate Marianne Miller. Happy Birthday Marianne!

Lots of Love,


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