Hidden Treasure

Four years ago, my husband and son decided to take Taekwondo together. We visited all of the Studios in the area, and found Master Seo at Kian Taekwondo in Salem, NH http://www.kiantkd.com/. Nestled between a bakery and real estate broker, this Taekwondo studio is a hidden gem. A gifted children charmer, Master Seo turned my son from a scared deer in the headlights into a confident and respectful young man.

In addition to the changes in my son, I witnessed a handicapped man get his yellow, orange, green, blue and purple belts to standing ovations every time. Along with this miracle, I watched an autistic boy achieve his black belt. Because of Master Seo’s belief that he can help everyone through Taekwondo, he has developed a unique program that allows every student to achieve the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of Taekwondo.

Observing the life altering leadership of Master Seo, I was inspired to start the Kian Taekwondo Scholarship Fund to make his teaching available to children in need. Through the Scholarship Fund, we watched a shy bullied boy come alive and learn self-respect and dignity. When I thought that I couldn’t be astonished any further, I saw all of the children in the studio work long hours to help raise money for scholarships to support the children in their community.

Invested in the success of each and every student, Master Seo motivates them to be all that they can be. Because he shines as a Master, he teaches them all to shine in their practice of Taekwondo. Building the next generation of Taekwondo one student at a time, Master Seo has indelibly changed the face of our community for the better.

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