The Tooth Fairy Visited Tonight

My son lost a tooth, and put it under his pillow for the Tooth Fairy. Creeping into his room, the Tooth Fairy stubbed her toe on a toy and bit her lip to keep the swear from escaping. Carefully maneuvering around the toys sabotaging her path, she finally made it to his bed. Holding her breath, she slowly moved her hand under the pillow to snatch the tooth and leave the money. Tracing her steps back out of the room, she stopped for a moment at the doorway to watch him sleep. Remembering her first visit to that tiny 2 year old boy and hearing the echoes of his screams when he found his first deposit of money for his piggy bank, she smiled. Then, a frown replaced it, when she realized that this would be one of the last trips to this house. At 9 years old, he has lost most of his baby teeth and he is growing into a young man. Brushing a tear from the corner of her eye, she turned and flew away.

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