How to Survive a Grade School Valentine’s Day Party?

The first lesson I learned the hard way last year was make sure that you give all of the children the same Valentine and candy. Because my son liked a girl in his class, we gave her a heart of chocolates and a teddy bear for Valentine’s Day. All of the kids in the class started teasing my son and the girl. She was very embarrassed and my son came home crying from school. This year we are giving the same Valentine and candy to everyone in his class. Problem solved!

Secondly, my son’s school has been on a campaign to reduce sugar in the school. Consequently, they don’t want sugar at the parties anymore. This year I am bringing fruit salad to the party. Controversy avoided!

Finally, I make sure to deliver the party supplies and leave. Having Mom around is no longer cool, so I make sure to be out of sight. How do you survive your children’s Valentine’s Day parties?

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