Talk to the Hand

When you get pregnant after the age of 35, you are forced to sit and listen to a lecture about all of the chromosomal defects that could happen to your baby. And, just as you are about to go out of your mind with fear, they try to sell you a bunch of tests. Given my BS in Biology, I am very familiar with testing and probabilities, so I started asking questions. It turns out that none of the tests are very accurate and may have false positives. To cover themselves, they said that if they did all of the tests and compared the results of them together, I would be able to determine what chromosomal problems my baby might have. Despite my hormonal haze, what they were saying just didn’t add up. Without conclusive results,  I couldn’t see the value of the tests and I declined the tests. Rather than let them destroy my joy, I will be telling them in the future to “Talk to the Hand!”

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