Left Me Wanting More

As they have many times in the past, Budweiser hit it out of the park with their Super Bowl commercials. They always get me with the Clydesdales, and adding the puppy just closed the deal. Also, I can’t wait to play life-size PacMan and drink Bud Light. And, haven’t we all sat next to the Doritos guy on a plane-another home run for Doritos. We all cheered and reached for the Doritos bowl, when he got stuck with the baby next to him. Once again, Budweiser and Doritos left me wanting more.

If their intent was to scare small children and make their parent drink more, Nationwide did a good job. Maybe they teamed up with Budweiser for their commercials to sell more beer. I’m not sure which is scarier the thought of Lindsay Lohan as a mother on the Esurance ad, or the Nationwide doom and gloom. Either way, they did not leave me wanting more. Which commercials got your best and worst awards?

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