I’m Glad That Is Over

Yesterday I walked through my fear of dentists to have a root canal. Fortunately, the dentist was very good and made the procedure as painless as possible. Using this as a teaching moment, I told my son not to be afraid of dentists. And, I emphasized that if I hadn’t eaten candy as a kid, I wouldn’t have needed the root canal. So, far he is staying away from the candy. We’ll see how long that lasts. What fear have you walked through lately?

Show no Fear

As a Mom, I don’t want to scare my son with my fear. I must have a root canal today and I am afraid of the pain. We’ll let this be our secret. Pretending like going to the dentist is no big deal, will be difficult today. But, I don’t want him to be afraid of the dentist. Some days being a Mom is more challenging than others. How do you keep your fear from effecting your children?

Living the Dream

One of the greatest lessons that I can teach my son is to live his dreams. Because he will learn from what I do and not what I say, I need to live my dreams to teach him to live his own. In completing my book that I have been writing, I am showing him how to work towards his dreams. Publishing my book is as much for me as it is for him. And, I think of him when it gets hard and I want to quit. We are living the dream! How are you teaching your children to live their dreams?

Hope for Spring

I drove by our local amusement park today. While it was covered with 5 feet of snow and all of the rides were frozen solid, I could hear the echoes of the children laughing and screaming from last summer. For a moment, it was not 10 degrees and I could feel the warmth of the sun on my back. And, then I realized that it was just my seat warmer. Letting out a loud scream, “CURSE YOU PUNXSUTAWNEY PHIL!” I went home to chisel the ice off of my front steps. Does anyone have an outdoor extension cord for my blow dryer?

Mommy and Me Sushi

Today I had the pleasure of a Mommy and Me lunch with my son. They were amazed to watch a 9 year old boy each raw salmon and enjoy it.   As someone who was raised eating fish sticks and hotdogs, I am astonished at how adventurous my son is with food. He enjoys Greek, Middle Eastern, Italian, French, German, Mexican, American, Chinese, Brazilian and most especially Japanese Food. I guess it is part of my American Dream to introduce him to foods that my parents couldn’t afford when I was growing up. What do you want to give your children that you couldn’t afford growing up?

Let it Go!

Whenever I watch Frozen with my son, I think of a list of items that I need to let go. As a Mom, I feel responsible for everything and guilty if I’m not fixing every problem. This past weekend I was sick in bed and racked with guilt over not taking care of everyone. While I strive every day to be there for my family often pushing myself beyond my limits, I need to accept that there are times that I just need to take care of myself. What do you have trouble letting go of?

Top 10 Moments at the Oscars

1. Patricia Arquette’s demand for equal rights and pay for women.

2. John Legend’s and Lonnie Lynn’s performance of “Glory,” which brought tears to our eyes.

3. Graham Moore’s speech about teenage suicide, which has effected many of the viewers.

4. Lady Gaga’s inspiring tribute to “The Sound of Music”

5. Eddie Redmayne winning Best Actor in a Leading Role, and his moving speech about Stephen Hawking and his family.

6. Julianne Moore winning Best Actress in a Leading Role, and talking about Alzheimer’s Disease, which has effected many of the families watching (including mine).

7. Adam Levine’s moving performance of “Lost Stars”

8. J.K. Simmons winning Best Supporting Actor

9. Meryl Streep’s emotion as she spoke about the members of the Hollywood community that passed away as if she knew many of them personally.

10. When Neil Patrick Harris finally put his suit back on!