Sugar Blues

Because of his food allergies, I thought that my son had it bad at birthday parties. But, yesterday I met a little boy with Juvenile Diabetes. With my son’s allergies, he is fine as long as I bring his food for him. For a child with Juvenile Diabetes, everything at a party can be dangerous. Almost everything at a birthday party will affect his blood sugar. It is so important that we help children with Juvenile Diabetes. Please join me in giving to

One thought on “Sugar Blues

  1. Wow! Thank you, Karen. Matthew was diagnosed at five and I believe the younger you are, the better off you are. He has handled this like a trooper, for the most part. He has a disease that is treatable, hopefully someday curable! We are lucky in that sense. Some children are less fortunate. Thanks for having him at the party! He had a lot of fun!

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