Top Ten Ways You Know That You Are A Good Mother

  1. They won’t move out!
    (Maybe you’re too good of a mom!)
  2. They are excited to celebrate Mother’s Day!
  3. They still want to snuggle with mommy and watch a movie.
  4. Their friends want to visit your house, because you’re fun!
  5. You chase down their friends’ mothers, so that they can get together.
  6. They got their homework done!
    (Who’s the bitch now? <snap>)
  7. You’ve watched Grown Ups 2 for the twentieth time!
    (Applicable for Sandler Syndrome Children)
  8. No matter how much money you have; you make sure that they have something under the tree for Christmas.
  9. You have a special lie detector.
    (No, you are going to school!)
  10. They’re still alive aren’t they!

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