How do you measure your success as a mother?

When my son was a baby, I measured my success by his growth, milestones, health and his happiness. The matrix was easy to follow, and I felt very successful. Well, I’m not saying that there weren’t any challenges. He had asthma and food and environmental allergies that could be difficult to manage. However, I was able to stabilize his allergies and asthma, and he grew into a beautiful happy healthy boy.


For years I was able to manage him and felt very successful as a mother. Albeit, the older he grew the more complicated the matrix became. It started including his performance in school, sports, the community, family, chores and friendships. And, every time I begin to feel like I have a handle on how to make him successful, the matrix changes. At this point, I believe that my success as a mother is my commitment to my son. I keep pushing and supporting him to be all that he can be, and love him no matter what the results. How do you measure your success as a mother?


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