Who’s on First?

My son is changing so often that I have days that I wonder “Who’s on First?” First, his friends change on a regular basis, so I have to keep a phone book just for his contacts. I use to schedule play dates, but I was told recently, “Mom, we don’t play anymore. We hang out!” And, just when I thought I knew what he wanted for supper, he changed what he wants to eat. Tonight, he ate hot pepper on his supper. Something that he would have refused to eat a month ago.


I’m just getting started. The songs he wants to listen to have changed as well. He has gone from Elmo to AC/DC in what seems to be a blink of the eye. I have stopped buying CD’s that he won’t like in a month. We have found the Microsoft Xbox Music Pass very helpful, because it allows him to listen to the songs that he likes at any given time. How do you keep up with all of the changes?

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