But, don’t you puke on my blue suede shoes!

Long before I got married and had my son, I was a card carrying designer shoe addict. As I worked my way up the corporate ladder, my shoes became more expensive and trophies for my success. While my husband thinks money could be better spent elsewhere, he knows that shoes are his get out of jail card. He once got in so much trouble that I got a very nice pair of Jimmy Choos.

When I first became a mother, I didn’t wear my designer shoes around my son because I was afraid that he would wreck them. At 10 months, he seemed to be spitting up less, so I put on my favorite pair of Gucci loafers for a shopping trip with him. Suddenly, he looked at me and I knew what was coming. He puked all down the front of me. I was glad when this phase ended and I was free to wear my shoes again. Is there anything that you gave up when you became a mother? Would you like to reclaim it?


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