Snow Days

Every child in New England lives to hear “Snow Day.” It means snow forts and snow fights with a day of fun and no school. Some of my best memories as a child were playing in the snow with my brothers and staying home from school. But, that is changing now for my son. He brought home a stack of work that he has to do called a “Blizzard Bag.” How is it a snow day, if he has to complete all of the work from school at home? Are we losing all of the fun of being a kid?

You are Nine Sweet Boy of Mine

At 8:50 PM January 26, 2006, my son announced his arrival with a loud scream, which was followed by me exclaiming “he looks like Mick Jagger!” My husband has it on tape for our family archives. In my defense, he scraped his lips on the way out and they blew up like Mike Jagger’s. As the smallest baby born that day, he was affectionately named Peanut by the nurses. Once he got over the labor and delivery, he became the sweetest baby in the hospital gurgling and laughing. When we left the hospital, we secured him in his infant carrier and drive slowly home. We were terrified. What did we get ourselves into? How are we going to keep this tiny baby alive? But, like many other new parents, we managed to find a way. And, today he turned 9 years old. Happy Birthday sweet boy of mine!

Top 10 Things I Remember About the Day My Son Was Born

  1. The joy I felt when they put him in my arms.
  2. The relief I felt when he arrived safely.
  3. My husband staying by my side all day.
  4. Feeling great when the labor finally stopped
  5. My first attempts to breast feed
  6. The Drill Sargent Nurse sent in to make me push.
  7. Not being able to eat all day-I was starving!
  8. “Epidural, give me an epidural!”
  9. The intensity of the labor pain.
  10. No longer needing to go to the bathroom every 30 minutes!

Sugar Blues

Because of his food allergies, I thought that my son had it bad at birthday parties. But, yesterday I met a little boy with Juvenile Diabetes. With my son’s allergies, he is fine as long as I bring his food for him. For a child with Juvenile Diabetes, everything at a party can be dangerous. Almost everything at a birthday party will affect his blood sugar. It is so important that we help children with Juvenile Diabetes. Please join me in giving to

Almost the Year Without a Birthday Party

My son’s birthday is one of the biggest celebrations in our family. I plan for months for the perfect party, they are still talking about the parties from years past. However, this year was almost the year without a birthday party. The first sign that there might be trouble was on Friday, when the venue called to ask if we still wanted to have our party Saturday. I looked on the weather channel and it said light snow, so I said “yes, we want to keep our party slot.”

Next, I started receiving emails and texts on Saturday morning from some of the guest. “Are you still having the party?” they all asked. “It’s snowing. Do you think it is safe to drive?” Before making the decision, I looked outside. There was only 3 inches of snow, which is a dusting for us New Englanders. Given the fact that I had all of the food and party favors ready and it didn’t seem that bad, I told everyone that the party was still on. We packed up the car and drive to the site of the party, and set up and waited. Gradually the more adventurous guests arrived. While it was only half of the guests and I have a lot of leftovers, my son was still able to have his birthday party. And, all of those that did attend had a good time. How do you celebrate birthdays with your children?