A Moving Feast

We all have foods that evoke our happiest childhood memories. For me at Christmas time, I always think of Rice Crispy Treats. To make them festive, we would put green food coloring in the marshmallow mix and shape them into wreaths, finishing them with the little cinnamon pearls for berries and red frosting bows. Giving them to all our friends, they brightened the holidays for all of us. But, for the rest of the year, it is Tater Tots. While I can’t eat them as much as I did as I child, they always transport me back to the warmth my mother’s kitchen. What are the foods that bring back your fondest memories?

They Grow Up So Fast!

When my son was born, everyone told me “They grow up so fast!” Looking at my sweet little baby, I thought that they were exaggerating. First, I waited for him to be old enough to get excited about Christmas and Santa. But, the years of holiday fun have passed quickly. He is only 8 years old and he and his friends are beginning to question whether Santa exists. Ahh, he is growing up too fast! What do you miss most as your children grow up? Share your stories with us.

Making Room for the New

Yesterday we found ourselves overrun by toys and decided it was time to purge. Because every toy had a special meaning for my son and me, my husband had to step in and force us to choose which ones we wanted to keep. While it isn’t easy cleaning out the old toys blocking our way, I realized this morning it is necessary. We must make room for the new possibilities. What are you getting rid of to make room for new possibilities?

Under Siege

Until the beginning of the year, you will have a house full of visitors and/or your children home from school. What are you doing to make the most of this time? How do you survive the Siege? What special activities do you have planned? Share with us your secrets to surviving the onslaught of people in your house.

The Day After

As you continue your clean up from yesterday, take a moment to tell us about your Christmas.  Was it all that you wanted it to be?  What was the best part of your Christmas?  What was the worst thing that happened yesterday?  What would you do differently next year?  We all want to share in your Christmas.