Moms to Admire

When I read stories like the divorce of Chris Rock from Malaak Compton, I admire my friend who is going through a divorce even more. Despite the pain that her ex has caused her, she still makes sure that their children can see him. Because she loves her children, she bites her tongue and does not talk about her issues with their father. For her selfless devotion to her children, Christina (the name has been changed to protect her privacy) is one of my heroes. If you are going through a divorce, how are you handling visitation and shielding your children from the issues? If you need to vent, we are here to listen.

Top Ten Reasons for Writing Stories About Your Childhood

  1. It has turned into a book to be released in 2015
  2. Making people laugh all over the world
  3. A fan tweet from my first crush Ronald McDonald
  4. An Opportunity to fight bullying
  5. A chance to play with my childhood friends one more time
  6. The prospect of thanking the special teachers of my youth
  7. I get to make sure I have a happy ending
  8. I will let you guess which stories are true
  9. Listening to my brother deny the stories
  10. It’s about time my mother found out what I was really doing

The First Annual Twitter Awards

As we close 2014, it is essential that we pause to recognize the best of Twitter. Please congratulate the winners:


  1. Josh Stern: Most Likely to Make You Laugh
  2. Brian Rathbone: Best New Writer Mentor
  3. Margaret Cho: Best Tribute to Robin Williams #BeRobin
  4. Ashley Benton: Best Example of How to make a Difference
  5. Bruce Van Horn: Most Inspirational
  6. Kent Gustavson, PhD: Best Pictures
  7. Dana Carvey: Most Original Story
  8. Ed Coburn: Most Consistent Tweeter
  9. Howard Stern: Most Surprising Tweeter
  10. Michele McPhee: Best News Tweets
  11. RobinsAngelOfMemory: Best Memories

There were so many great tweets this year, but he had to select the best. Better luck next year. Happy New Year!

Thank you very much!

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported me and my blog this year. We now have over 2500 followers, and the blog is read in 38 countries. This is a great start for our first 7 months. Firstly, I want to thank my husband Andy and son Kevin for their support. Also, it is important that I thank Ashley Benton and Rich Cruse for their articles. In addition, I would like to thank the Robin Williams’ Tribute Wall for including my article on your site. It was a great start, and I can’t wait to see what 2015 brings. Thank you very much!

How do you change gears?

My husband has over an hour to change gears on his way home before he sees his family. But, I work from home and go right from solving problems and sometimes contentious conversations to greeting my son. I have been working hard on not letting the stress of my job affect him. It requires that I swift the gears in rapid succession. Some days I am better at this transition than others. How do you shift from work to being a Mom? Help us all figure this out!

Not Just for Kids Anymore

I was delightfully surprised when I started taking my son to movies that they are not just for kids anymore. They are adding jokes for the parents too. We have enjoyed Finding Nemo, Cars I & II, Toy Story 1, 2 & 3, Bolt, Kung Fu Panda 1, 2 & 3, The Croods, How to Train Your Dragon 1 & 2, Turbo, Rise of the Guardians, Shrek, Megamind (great music), Monsters vs. Aliens, Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) and Bee Movie. What are the movies that you have enjoyed most with your family?

And Now the End is Near…

The holidays and year are coming to an end. I am taking this opportunity to evaluate the year. Firstly, I am looking at what I did right. In 2014, I finally started writing again. For years I have been talking about writing, but couldn’t seem to find the time between the demands of my job and family. When I fell on ice last winter and became immobile for a couple of months, I decided to make use of the time and start writing. I learned a valuable lesson in seizing the opportunity. Instead of watching Soap Operas while my leg healed, I visited my old friend of writing and it has opened a whole new world to me. What have you been putting off until you have time? Can you find an hour in your day to get started? Share with us your story.