It’s my party and I’ll laugh if I want to!

What a day! It started early in the morning when I was woken up by a kiss on the cheek from Spiderman. Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone, his secret identity is my son. He and his friends are practicing to be super heroes. After I fed Spiderman, he continued his super hero training while I sipped my coffee.

Next, I stopped by my friend’s house for a wonderful surprise. She made me a special cake tailored to my food allergies to for my birthday. A master in the kitchen, she made the most delicious cake. Stopping to smell the roses with her, I was off to finish my errands before my party.

Piling all of the beautiful people, or my family as we call them, into the car. We drove to my favorite seafood restaurant, laughing all the way. My son had us in stitches, impersonating different people with very funny voices.

Arriving at the restaurant, my son sat quietly for a little while until…they brought the lobsters to the table. Lifting the lobster up with both hands, he shouted in his creepiest voice “IT’S ALIVE!” Then, he made the lobster move like it was going to chase us. Continuing his show, he made the lobster dance and sing. Finally, he decided that it was time to eat. Grabbing the claw cracker, he shouted “HULK SMASH!” And, the Hulk smashed the lobster into little pieces, picking them up and putting them in his mouth. “Hulk likes lobster,” he pronounced as he was eating.

Throughout our meal, he entertained everyone around us causing the wait staff to smile as they passed by. There is never a dull moment with a Child with Sandler Syndrome. He is a great source of fun at parties. And, for a nominal fee, he can entertain your birthday party too.

Returning home from a fun filled dinner, I finished my day by reading all of the wonderful birthday wishes in Facebook. I want to thank everyone for making my birthday a very happy day!  And, to fulfill my birthday wish Twitter support finally fixed my account!

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