My Son’s First Visit to Beyond Vanilla Ice Cream Parlor

Wriggling in his car seat the whole way to the ice cream parlor, my son said excitedly, “ice ceam, ice ceam, I want ice ceam!” Jumping down from his car seat, he ran across the parking lot bursting through the door alerting the server to his entrance. He suddenly stopped in his tracks like a deer in a car’s headlights. This was all new to him and he was nervous. Hiding behind my leg, he peeked out surveying the room. “Hi, can I help you?” he heard a voice from behind the counter. Peering from behind my leg, he saw a big smile and kind eyes on his server’s face. “I want ice ceam,” he said stepping up to the counter.

Because he was below the counter, the server had to lean over the counter to take his order. She pointed to all of the flavors which covered an entire wall. His blue eyes grew very large. He had never seen so much ice cream in one place before. Sensing that he was overwhelmed, I stepped in to show him his options. After ten minutes of discussing his options, he finally placed his order.

Reaching into his pocket, he took out a twenty dollar bill and handed it to the server. He smiled and said “keep the change.” Looking down at the face of Sponge Bob on her payment, the server smiled. “Thank you,” she said “It has been a pleasure serving you.” She nodded to me, and I waived a ten dollar bill over his head and handed it to her when he turned his attention to the seats in front of the counter.

I tried to interest him in a seat at one of the tables, but he kept shaking his head saying, “no, no, no.” He sized up his new challenge, saying, “I cwimb, I cwimb.” Realizing that I could not stop him from climbing, I stood next to the stool and spotted him.

Straining to pull himself up onto the seat, he got stuck. Gently lifting him, I placed him safely in his seat. His hands barely reaching the counter he waited for his cup of ice cream. He squealed with excitement as the bowl was placed before him, “Ice ceam yeah!” He hungrily grabbed the spoon and reached up to take a scoop. With his first spoonful, he began to smile ear to ear.

With his mouth below the counter, he continued to reach up taking a small scoop at a time. When he finally grew tired of reaching up for small scoops of ice cream, he grabbed the bowl and brought it to his mouth. He started licking the ice cream and then put his mouth in the bowl. Lifting his face out of the bowl, he was smiling with raspberry sorbet covering his mouth, cheeks, chin and nose. “I yike ice ceam,” he declared.

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