How can I make a difference?

Waiting at the Dojang during my son’s Taekwondo class, I overheard the Master say “I have been contacted by the local schools about children in need in our community. They want to know if we have any scholarships to help them.” It was at this moment that I found how I could make a difference.

With limited money, we started a scholarship fund for children in need to participate in martial arts. Our first little boy’s father was in prison and it was effecting his home life. Sponsoring him, we had the joy of watching his transformation.

In order to continue sponsoring more students, we reached out to members of the martial arts community and began fund raising with them. And, we raised the money for another scholarship. This new boy was the son of a single mom working very hard to keep a roof over his head. As a latchkey child, he was alone most afternoons and being bullied by boys in his neighborhood. Instead of hiding from the neighborhood bullies in the afternoon, he now attends classes at the Dojang. All I needed to see was the confident smile on his face and light in his eyes to know that this scholarship fund was making a difference.

Recently, I was approached by a Taekwondo school from another state that wants me to help them set up a scholarship fund. In addition to assisting other communities start scholarship funds, we are running more fund raising events in July, September and October. With the support of our community, we will fund the scholarships for three more children. By answering the call, I found out that we all have the potential to make a difference. All I needed to do to make a difference was to stand up and say yes, and because I did others in our community are standing up with me.

Who are you standing up for in your community? Share your stories in this blog and inspire and encourage others to stand with you. Stand tall. Be proud. Sing out loud! No action is too small. Don’t be afraid. Change the world!

One thought on “How can I make a difference?

  1. Through the years it has been easy to find a way to do for others but now that I am retired it is more limited. I have been going to the Assisted Living place and doing ceramics with them. The pieces we do are not half as important as encouraging them to find joy in their lives.If they start telling stories of their lives and laughing my day has been made.

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